About Zita

Zita was born in a small Riverland town in country South Australia in 1951. She married Wayne in 1972 and they have two daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren. Throughout her formative years she showed talent in most artistic areas, and found flare and imagination to be an integral part of her personality. However her artisitc path was not to be pursued and spent the next 40 years working in the "safe" jobs of Administration & Accounting.

On retirement Wayne and Zita set off in a caravan in pursuit of the nomadic life they had promised each other 30 years earlier. The decision to travel has been responsible for bringing forth Zita's artistic skills that had been delegated to the back blocks for decades.

As they traversed Western Australia, Wayne encouraged Zita to talk to someone about her photos. When they got to Mandurah they called in and met Rob at Terrace Art Framers. Zita hesitantly asked Rob's opinion on her photographic work and his enthusiasm and advice has been responsible for taking a new direction in her life.

Then a bigger milestone happened at Dunsborough where Zita met Christian Fletcher a renowned Australian Landscape Photographer. Since that meeting Christian has been generous with his valuable knowledge, advice and time. The gifts from these two valuable mentors have given Zita the courage and conviction to enter into the unknown world of Photography. Without either of these wonderful people she would not have had the confidence to realise her talent and develop a new career.

Zita feels the most important aspect of Photography is witnessing a perfect stranger show true emotion when looking at her photos.

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